Global Online Investor Roadshow – June 2020

In respond to the new challenges presented by COVID-19, Global Online Investor Roadshow (“GOIR”) is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investment, and digital asset opportunities. GOIR is the biggest online investor event of its kind, with the broadest reach, spanning thirty (30) countries in fifteen (15) languages. The main objective of GOIR is to allow its carefully curated investor community gain priority access to exclusive global private investment opportunities on special favorable terms.

4 Region

Covering four regions around the world without the constraint of time zone

30 Countries

Reaching major countries from Asian, European, MENA and American regions

15 Languages

Lowering language barriers with real-time interpretation choosing from 15 languages


 ASIA – June 8th (Monday)
4-7pm @ Hong Kong
5-8pm @ Tokyo

English will be interpreted to Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA – June 9th (Tuesday)
1-4pm @ Cape Town
3-6pm PM @ Dubai

English will be interpreted to Arabic, Hindi.

EUROPE – June 10th (Wednesday)
3-6pm @ London
4-7pm @ Berlin

English will be interpreted to French, German, Italian.

AMERICA – June 11th (Thursday)
1-4pm @ Los Angeles
4-7pm PM @ New York

English will be interpreted to Chinese, Spanish, Russian.

* Languages might vary subject to audience sign up demographic

Event Rundown

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Keynote Speakers

Asia Session

<strong>Kevin Ho</strong>

Kevin Ho

COO of Fusang Exchange

Topic: How are Digital Assets Transforming Capital Market

Middle East & Africa Session

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni

CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center

Topic: Investment Environment for Blockchain and Technology Opportunities in UAE

Europe Session

 Frederick T. Pye

Frederick T. Pye

President and CEO of 3iQ Corp

Topic: The Journey of How the first Major Exchange Listed Bitcoin Fund was Created

America Session

Craig Kaufman

Craig Kaufman

Head of Investment Banking of Westpark Capital

Topic: Investment Strategies in a Post Covid Environment

Presenters of 4 Unique Projects For All 4 Sessions

David A. Young

David A. Young

President & CEO at AMRE

American Medical REIT, Inc. (AMRE) provides financing solutions to market- dominant medical operators through acquisition of their licensed patient treatment facilities and delivers reliable, secure, and competitive cash returns to our investors.

Aaron Sokol

Aaron Sokol

Co-Founder & CEO at Q4 Sports

Q4 Sports is an innovative footwear company committed to identifying influencers who believe strongly in the strength of their own brand and the power of owning their own brand. Our tag line is “Work 4 Yours”; everyone from influencers on down need to work hard to earn what they’ve achieved. Nothing comes easy, but those that embrace owning their brand ultimately create greater brand identity, followers and net worth. The quotient of 4 in the Q4 stands for “purpose, passion, commitment and focus”, characteristics that any successful influencer needs to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

Michael A. Spalding

Michael A. Spalding

Founder, Head Of Physical, Mercato Fabbrica

Mercato Fabbrica is building the next generation of brands for food discovery, inspiration and shopping by fusing content and AI driven e-commerce with world class market factories and artisanal products.


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