Global Online Investor Roadshow – April 2020

GOIR is the biggest online investor event of its kind, with broadest reach in terms of regional and time zone coverage, and numbers of languages with simultaneous interpretation. By invitation only, each session will include a state of the market keynote from industry experts, and presentations from high-quality projects that are carefully selected from a judging panel composed of experienced investment bankers and professional investors. All speeches and presentations will be simultaneously interpreted from English into fifteen languages.

4 Region

Covering four regions around the world without the constraint of time zone

30 Countries

Reaching major countries from Asian, European, MENA and American regions

15 Languages

Lowering language barriers with real-time interpretation choosing from 15 languages


 ASIA – April 27 (Monday)
4:00 PM @ Hong Kong
5:00 PM @ Tokyo

English will be interpreted to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Russian.

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA – April 28 (Tuesday)
2:00 PM @ Cape Town
4:00 PM @ Dubai

English will be interpreted to Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi.

EUROPE – April 29 (Wednesday)
3:00 PM @ London
4:00 PM @ Berlin

English will be interpreted to Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Swedish, Chinese.

AMERICA – April 30 (Thursday)
2:00 PM @ Los Angeles
5:00 PM @ New York

English will be interpreted to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian.

* Languages might vary subject to audience sign up demographic

Keynote Speakers

<strong>Chris Carlin</strong>

Chris Carlin

Head of Alliances Redistribution Solutions & Data Products, Asia at Morningstar

Topic: Ratings for Digital Assets

<strong>Nick Cowan</strong>

Nick Cowan

Founder & CEO of Gibraltar Stock Exchange and GSX Group

Topic: Convergence of Traditional and Digital Assets

<strong>Nitin Gaur</strong>

Nitin Gaur

Director of IBM WW Digital Asset Labs at IBM

Topic: Overall Investment Landscape – Technology, New Business models, Transformation and disruption

<strong>Richard Rappaport</strong>

Richard Rappaport

Founder & CEO of WestPark Capital

Topic: Opportunities in the new paradigm

Presenters of 4 Unique Projects For All 4 Sessions

Frank D. Heuszel
President and Chief Executive Officer, American Pacific Bancorp, Inc.

American Pacific Bancorp (APB) is a bank holding company, focused on acquiring controlling equity positions of commercial bank(s) in the United States. APB will inject digital banking capabilities into the banks to provide global banking services to global clients, increasing profitability.

Jorn Husemoen
Chair & Co-Founder of CROWN-LNG

India is aggressively switching the energy mix from Coal to Gas. The long term demand for LNG regasification capacity is increasing massively. Asia First is part of the Crown LNG group of companies designed for providing the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal to the Kakinada Port on an exclusive 30 year “Use or Pay” contract. The project already has the license and government approvals.

Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai
President & CEO of Cho Thavee, Co-founder & Executive Chairman of ARK

ARK operates its own fleet of city buses and will become one of the largest city bus operator in Thailand through a consolidation exercise. ARK envisions the modernisation of public transportation by creating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform with powerful network effect called AMORN. This smart transportation solution will leverage on big data analytics and location-based e-commerce to create transformative experience for commuters. Participate in ARK investment offering that provides interesting revenue sharing payout and conversion to equity on its IPO.

Chris Thorne
Chairman of Broadline Capital

Broadline Capital, the global alternative investment firm founded in 2005, is focused on capturing the unfolding value-based deals emerging from the current global financial downturn. The firm has developed privileged access to unique financial buy-in opportunities with favorable pricing and mitigated deal structures. Current emphasis is placed on its pipeline of innovative biotech companies whose disruptive technologies can positively change the world. Standing out among them is the immediate opportunity created by its negotiated warrant with Cytonus Therapeutics — developer of the Cargocyte biomolecular delivery platform (a highly differentiated and vast platform technology having numerous applications in multiple therapeutic areas). Cytonus has been called upon by the US government to accelerate its development and deployment of its patented Covid-19 Therapeutic to treat ICU patients suffering high mortality rates due to the respiratory inflammation damage caused by Covid-19 infection.


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